Biking is a very popular activity on Koh Lanta with bike clubs from all around Thailand coming to challenge themselves on the roads of Lanta.  With just the right amount of hills and straightaways, Lanta offers a good workout and an very scenic ride for our guests!

Things to Do In and Around the Other Side Villas





The Other Side Villas



260 Moo 1, Koh Lanta Road 4245, Koh Lanta Krabi 81150  Thailand


Koh Lanta is home to some of the friendliest people in Thailand.  There are many cultures here on the island worth getting to know.  About 80% of the population is Muslim and other groups include the Sea Gypsies and Hakka Chinese fishermen.  Together they all make Koh Lanta a great place to meet and experience new cultures.


Mu Koh Lanta National Park consists of many islands and a spectacular track of primary rainforest located directly behind the Other Side Villas.  From our place you can scan the ancient forest searching for activity in the canopy or you can take a ride to the west side of Lanta to trek and explore the park for yourself.  There is a good chance you might see several of the amazing array of species that call Lanta home during your trek.

Koh Lanta offers visitors some of the world's premier dive locations.  While it is possible to dive from from the Other Side Villas, we recommend a boat trip out to one of the amazing locations close by such as Hin Daeng, Koh Rok, Koh Haa, Hin Muang and even Phi Phi Island.  There are many reputable dive centers located on Lanta and we can absolutely help you arrange a dive or snorkeling excursion.


Koh Lanta is comprised of two main islands and several smaller ones.  In order to do the island justice, one needs at least two full days to explore the north to south and both sides of Lanta.  Most people start their journey in the north and stay on the west side of the island, but for those who opt to stay at the Other Side Villas, you are already in one of the least explored, but most beautiful and fascinating parts of our island.

Lanta is filled with culture and nature.  A trip to Koh Lanta Old Town is always a highlight of the "other side" of the island.  With its 200 year old buildings and original Chinese fisherman seaside village atmosphere, Koh Lanta Old Town offers a great place to explore, meet the great people of Lanta and enjoy a cool drink and a meal or two during your stay.  

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For more information on Mu Koh Lanta National Park, click here.

The Other Side Villas offers guest the opportunity to kayak in the peaceful waters of the Andaman Sea.  On the "other side" of the island, the sea is generally calm and large waves are the exception.  Feel free to explore the coastline or visit one of the uninhabited islands within a few minutes paddle of our front yard!