The Other Side Villas



260 Moo 1, Koh Lanta Road 4245, Koh Lanta Krabi 81150  Thailand


The Other Side Villas are in one of the most remote corners of Koh Lanta, near its southern tip.  We are located about four kilometers south of Lanta Old Town and about two kilometers from the famed Sea Gypsy Village.  

The villas are about five minutes from the lovely restaurants and shops of Old Town and about 20 minutes ride from the restaurants, beaches and pubs of Klong Nin and Prae towns on the "sunset" side.  

We have made great attempts to keep our project in as natural state as possible, keeping most of the native flora intact and creating an ethic that promotes harmonious coexistence with the nature that surrounds the villas.  With this in mind we do not have a swimming pool or some of the facilities found in resorts on the sunset side of the island.  But we do have all of the modern ensuite infrastructure such as high speed WiFi and internet.  

People who stay at The Other Side Villas are looking for quiet, nature, solitude and a very peaceful place to relax, bike, kayak, read or just enjoy the fresh air and natural beauty of Koh Lanta.

The Smiths operate a very popular wildlife and travel blog feature their countless expeditions over the years.  Please take a look! (Click Here)

The Other Side Villas are located near the very southern tip of Thailand's Koh Lanta. Situated in a lush tropical rainforest and directly on the Andaman Sea, the Other Side Villas offer one of the most peaceful and natural experiences in southern Thailand.

The name, "Other Side", comes from the fact that our villas are located on the "sunrise" side of Koh Lanta.  Most of the touristic facilities are on the "sunset" side of the island and the sunrise side has only recently been discovered.  For locals, the sunrise side of the island is often referred to as the "other side".  For us, it's the best side!  

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The Other Side Villas are on Koh Lanta's "sunrise" side of the island and we often have some of the most amazing sunrises anywhere!

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Coke and Som Smith are the owners of the Other Side Villas.  By profession, they are both teachers, nature enthusiasts and avid wildlife photographers whose work has appeared in countless books, magazines and web articles throughout the years.  Together with their son, Cokie, the Smith's have spent years traveling the globe photographing wild animals in their native habitat.  They've also spent much time with different cultures and have finally come to Thailand to call it home.  The Other Side Villas have been their dream for over 15 years and they plan on eventually retiring there when the time comes.  But in the mean time, they are happy to share their wonderful place with fellow nature and travel enthusiasts who are fortunate enough to pass through.


Som is the author of a popular Thai Food cook book and is a well known chef in the US and China, having trained some of the top chefs on Shanghai's famed "Bund" as well has having cooked for the Thai ambassador and other dignitaries.  On special request Som can be hired for special events as your own private Thai chef.  As of now Som is not teaching cooking classes.

So why is the "Other Side" of Koh Lanta also known as the "Sunrise Side"?  This is why: